Larry Earley

Senior Vice President
nxtMOVE Corp.

Larry Earley is a Senior Vice President of nxtMOVE LLC, based in Reston, Virginia. 
His professional experience spans over 20 years in which he has led hundreds of
engagements supporting the strategic initiatives of Fortune 1000 companies,
international clients and private equity firms.  Mr. Earley has extensive experience in
the areas of financial services, polymers / chemicals, health care, consumer and industrial products and information technology.
Mr. Earley specializes in supporting corporate clients and private equity firms in their
acquisition and diversification initiatives. This includes conducting buy-side
acquisition search programs and acquisition due diligence engagements that have
concluded in successful acquisitions in industries such as mobile computing, financial
and health care services, transportation products, and industrial products and
services. A particular focus of his is identification and evaluation of mid-market
transactions of privately held companies and divisions of public companies that
represent diversification and roll-up opportunities for nxtMOVE’s clients.  Evaluation of
existing portfolio companies is an additional area in which he assists private equity
clients in achieving return on investment.
Mr. Earley earned a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania.

Market Analysis – nxtMOVE provides the answers to questions most executives assume are impossible to obtain and helps you determine what the answers mean to your business. Clients gain a detailed understanding of the market’s assumptions and strategic intents and customers’ motives and perceptions so they can better validate and challenge internal beliefs, uncover market opportunities, and predict the future.

Acquisition Support – From market environment landscaping during initial market due diligence to building a pipeline of attractive prospects and determining strategic fit, nxtMOVE helps leverage its clients’ time, allowing them to benefit from anonymity during the process while preserving a strong negotiating position.