Leandro De Sa

Leandro De Sa
LDS – Lean Development Structure
CEO and Founder

Leandro De Sa is currently the CEO and Founder of LDS – Lean Development Structure, a consulting, management and executive education company focusing on operational efficiency throughout a variety of complex companies in diverse industrial settings, of which aerospace.

Leandro has a 20-year management experience in aerospace, with very large corporations. He was a Senior Manager in charge of Finance and Performance Management, previously the Aerospatiale majority shareholder representative in the Airbus Change Program leading to the foundation of the single private company, and before that in the Senior Program Management of the A340-500/600 in charge of Customer issues. In the mid nineties he led the Airbus’ Supplier support and services within Procurement, and the Equipment cost reduction and logistics / industrial management of Suppliers. Between 1987 and 1992 he was heading Advanced Projects for the Space branch of Aerospatiale. In 2000 he proposed a new airline and MRO services’ start-up concept. Areas of focus include:


Development of the a large aircraft program A340-500/600 in a novel approach to Customer-oriented development of the aircraft, including customer involvement, program structure, new high-level customer requirements on maturity, operating costs and ergonomics

Definition and implementation of company-wide cash flow generating operating processes, bridging the functions across the organization and toward the highest yields and performances

Effectiveness, fixed cost dramatic reduction, lean development of internal corporate program management, customer services, human resources and finance


Deployment of Lean concepts throughout the extended Airbus and ATR supply chains worldwide, achieving 4-fold industrial and contractual lead-time reduction, 10 times reduction of stock-outs in aircraft final assembly lines, an increase of stock turns to 24, from 4, and a dramatic quality increase of received parts

Audit and review of actions within the supplier’s facilities, aiming at a lean transformation of companies from hundred-million to multi-billion dollar size

Innovative set-up of a new contractual framework, with the first-ever aerospace General Logistics Conditions and a novel General Conditions of Support


Development of an innovative process approach to Customer Services, applying lean concepts to the transformation of many industries, MRO companies, aerospace suppliers and independent players

Conjoint development of a customer-focused approach to maintenance and operating cost reduction at major airlines, worth several prizes namely with American Airlines for the best Cost conscious airframer


Business development and long-term business plan analysis, namely in the process of major corporate decisions involving large program commitments, such as the A380

Definition of the governance models for Airbus, board structure and roles for board members, contract profitability for aircraft sales. Currently under the process of publishing a case study on Airbus and European aerospace governance


Lectures at corporations on Customer-focused Product Development since 1997

Leading program on R&D efficiency within the firm, ranging from benchmark approach to innovation, selection of the appropriate R&D areas, funding and partnering

Coaching large high-tech semiconductor company on creativity, innovation and efficient time-to-market developments


Lectures on Organizational Transformation and Structure, Management of Subcontractors, and Management of Customer Services at the Aerospace MBA of the Toulouse Business School since 1999, and in various other Governance and Integration topics with European business schools

International seminars in China on Managing Organizations an Large Programs, in Russia on the Aerospace industry consolidation, governance and human capital

Leandro has a PhD in Solid State Physics, with high honors, and an MBA from the University of Chicago, with honors.

He is a member of Wharton Aerospace and the vice-chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Toulouse, France.