Wouter Put

Wouter Put, based in the Netherlands, has worked for the past 25 years in business and management consulting.


Wouter has held positions in engineering and sales for the Du Pont Company in Switzerland and Luxembourg. In the Netherlands, he served as Chief Information Officer at Stork, a Dutch industrial conglomerate, for its Aerospace division. He also held the CIO position at Philips Electronics, for its Enabling Technologies division.


As a specialist in business processes and IT-strategy, Wouter worked for Nolan&Norton/KPMG in the USA. For Bakkenist Management Consultants in the Netherlands, he consulted on general management topics.

While finalizing his MS-degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, Wouter fulfilled his thesis requirement at Shell in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

As a member of the GrowthPhases® Board of Advisors, Wouter brings with him, not only his experience in general management issues, but also his expertise in Information Management and Information Technology. Inside the discipline, he covers IT-Strategy, Assessment, Valuation, Governance and Alignment with the Business.

Wouter currently operates as independent management consultant. He is also a member of the Zilla team. Zilla is an M&A-consulting firm in the Netherlands.

Other interests and activities:

  • Instructor Business Planning for businesses in developing countries
  • Instructor Business/IT Alignment for non-executive Board Members
  • Founder of CIO-forum of the Netherlands