North America. Sectors of Expertise: Automotive, Metals, Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Electricity.

Text: Has been the President of Lean Ideas since 2002. Frank is a service provider instructing and directing companies in their effort to practice a Lean Culture by applying Lean Principles as developed within the TPS (Toyota Production System).

Prior to Lean Ideas, Giannattasio was Vice President of Operations of The Wiremold Company 1992-2002, responsible for manufacturing, materials management, manufacturing engineering and distribution when The Wiremold Company was the recipient of the prestigious Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence in 1999.

Preceding Wiremold, Frank served nineteen years in various manufacturing assignments, having worked previously with General Motors Corp. and Subaru-Isuzu Automotive in the areas of materials management, metal forming, painting, and general assembly. Frank was a 1981 graduate of the General Motors Institute of Technology with the degree of B.S.M.E.He achieved a degree of M.S.M.M. from the same institution in 1990